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How to get Venture Capital

One of the main roles of the Angel Association is to build the capabilities of entrepreneurs both in terms of business performance and also in terms of becoming ‘investment ready’.

In this section we have brought together a large amount of material, predominantly focused around helping businesses to become ‘investment ready’.

Although growing, the angel investment market in New Zealand is in its infancy and the criteria that investors use to assess opportunities is very stringent. The information we have compiled attempts to enlighten entrepreneurs as to the best way to get the business in a position to be able to attract capital, the best way to present their investment proposal and also what to expect from the process.

Investment Ready Guide

Welcome to the Investment Ready Guide. The guide is designed to offer you a brief introduction to the world of investment capital funding and to explain in clear language some of the concepts and terms used by the investment industry.

Included are a series of quick tests and templates aimed at helping you find out if your business is ready for investment funding – or indeed if investment funding is the best option for your business.

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For more information watch investors and entrepreneurs talk about growing businesses from NZ.  Click here to view the video clip from 90 Seconds TV.


Angel investment in New Zealand

What is the business of angel investing?

The Business of Angel Investing in New Zealand: A Guide has been written by the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) as a definitive guide to angel investing in New Zealand.

Why the business of angel investing?

Discussions with industry players have demonstrated that many angel investors without a background in investing in early stage companies (often referred to as angel investing) want to understand the fundamentals of how to make money from this activity; that is, the business of angel investing.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide a resource for those interested in angel investing and who are keen to learn the basics in a simple how-to guide, developed by NZVIF with the assistance of experienced angels active in New Zealand. The goal is to educate and inform new and existing angel investors, increase the number and likelihood of successful angel investments within the New Zealand angel market, and accelerate the development of the New Zealand angel market.

Who is NZVIF?

NZVIF is a Crown Owned Company that invests in seed, start-up and early stage New Zealand businesses. Investment is always alongside matching private capital. NZVIF investment capital is provided to companies either indirectly through investments into private sector venture capital funds (the VIF Venture Capital Fund) or directly alongside angel investors (the NZVIF Seed Co-Investment Fund). NZVIF is also committed to developing and educating the early stage investment market through initiatives like The Business of Angel Investing in New Zealand: A Guide.