NZ Angel Summit 2016

The world's destination angel event

November 3rd - 4th
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

"The AANZ is one of the TOP angel summits in the WORLD,"
Bill Payne, US ACA Hans Severiens Award Winner



NZ angel market – year in review

Covering the highlights and current activity in the early-stage company finance ecosystem. Includes key note address covering current exit trends globally with data and insights from international guests and up to date market data.


Insights into building and actively managing an angel portfolio across industries, ages, stages and business models. Will include a deep dive into human resources – accessing and managing board, management and advisory capability prior to investing.

Exit mechanics

How the process unfolds including building exit strategy, courting acquirers and creating tension. Term sheet capital strategy and the role of investment bankers will also be illuminated based on personal case-studies.

Building value

Creating layers of value for strategic buyers – who are they and what’s motivating them, what do they want? Also delving into the “other sort” of exit – exploring different ways of returning capital and IPO's – are they a real option?

Tax Implications of Exits

The positive and negative tax implications of exits and recycling capital including investments that have not performed and the implications of types of investment instruments.

Seeing the capital strategy through to exit

Envisioning the exit horizon and creating the capital strategy to get to, and beyond, the merger, acquisition or IPO while maintaining momentum, value and team.