#ABAF15NZ Interviews 

Bob Kelly – What Angel Investors need to know about corporate acquires click here

Bob Kelly – What kind of angel backed companies are corporate acquires looking for? click here

Bob Kelly – Founders role in an angel backed company – Corporate Acquisition click here

Bob Kelly – Improving volume of exits in NZ’s early-stage investment community click here

Bob Kelly – Acquisition Process click here

Bob Kelly – Should angel backed companies focus on global scale or great product? click here

Eric Wikramanayake – Key Learning from Angel Investing – Asian investors click here

Eric Wikramanayake – Benefits to international angel investors click here

Eric Wikramanayake – Lankan Angel Network chairman on NZ entrepreneurs and angels click here

Eric Wikramanayake – What investment opportunities get you excited? click here

David Chen – Sucessful cross-boarder deals click here

David Chen – Expectations for NZ’s angel investment community click here

David Chen – Robotis study case click here

Jamie Rhodes – What can be learned from Silicon Valley? click here

Jamie Rhodes – What does NZ need to provide? click here

Jamie Rhodes – How Angels help growing entrepreneurial communities click here

Jayesh Parekh – Creating the board of directors click here

Jayesh Parekh – Asian investors view of international directors click here

Ron Weissman – What is the most important thing for angels to know? click here

Ron Weissman – Band of Angels chairman’s view on NZ’s angel community? click here

Ron Weissman – What NZ need to know about US? click here

Ron Weissman – Ron Weissman’s impressions about NZ angel community click here

Nelson Gray – What should angels takeaway? click here

Nelson Gray – International Syndication click here

Nelson Gray – Why should angels go to international conferences? click here

Nelson Gray – What angels are doing different in Scotland click here

Nelson Gray – The role of government in angel investment click here

Nelson Gray – Engaging with young people click here

Nelson Gray – What is great about NZ angel community? click here

Nelson Gray – Follow-on investments click here

Nelson Gray – What do angels need to grow early stage investment industry? click here


#Asian Buisness Angels Forum & Angel Association Summit 2015

Welcome to #ABAF15NZ with Angel Association NZ click here

Selecting Potential Acquirers #ABAF15NZ click here

Key Components of a Successfully Executed Capital Strategy #ABAF15NZ click here

Generating Quality Angel Investment Deal Flow #ABAF15NZ click here

New Zealand’s Angel Investment Market #ABAF15NZ click here

Global Trends in ANgel Investment #ABAF15NZ Keynote: Nelson Gray click here

Pan Asia Angel Investment Markets #ABAF15NZ click here

What’s your Portfolio Strategy? #ABAF15NZ click here

Equity Crowd Funding #ABAF15NZ click here

Minister Steven Joyce addresses angel investors at #ABAF15NZ click here

NZ Prime Minister, John Key at #ABAF15NZ and MP, Todd Barclay address click here

Role and Importance of IP in building Angel Venture Value #ABAF15NZ click here

The Role and Relevance of Listing #ABAF15NZ click here

Building an International Portfolio #ABAF15NZ click here

Archangel Award 2015 Presentation at #ABAF15NZ click here

Silicon Valley / Silicon Dragon – Complementing or Competing #ABAF15NZ click here

Closing Remarks #ABAF15NZ and intro to #ABAF16Korea click here


#Angel Association Summit 2014

Click here to view video clips from the event.


#Auckland investment showcase

Investors and entrepreneurs talk about growing businesses from NZ.

Click here to view the video clips


#Rob Adams Market Validation Workshop

Rob Adams gives an overview of the general stages of market validation and a brief introduction as to what is required at each step. View the workshop here.