ArcAngels Investment Evening

The next ArcAngels investment evening will be on May 25 at Ernst & Young.

More details of the event will be available shortly, however, the highlights will be:

– A discussion on the key points to consider when making an angel investment
– A report back from Jo Mills of Fuel 50, one of our portfolio companies
– Presentations from at least one company raising a further round of investment
– Presentations from up to two companies looking for angel investment for the first time
– A report back on the Lead Investor Forum from the day before


There have been a number of developments for the ArcAngels group.

Firstly, Cecilia Tarrant has been asked by the Committee to step into the Chair role.  Bridget Coates, while still very keen to be involved and very committed to the success of ArcAngels, has found that her work and travel schedule has been such that she hasn’t been able to give ArcAngels the time she wanted to and also feels it deserves.

Secondly, Alex Mercer, who was doing all the day to day running of ArcAngels, has similarly been snowed under by work.  Accordingly, Arc Angels have contracted the ICE Angels administration to provide some recources to run the network.  Going forward, Kate Wightman, under the direction of Robbie Paul, the IceAngels CEO, will manage Arc Angels administrative functions.  ArcAngels are really excited by this change. Among other rings it means the network will hold more frequent meetings.

ArcAngels will also be able to access stronger and more robust deal flow by leveraging ICE Angels networks. They intend to offer more deals, many of which will be syndicated with other angel groups so that there will be a wider range of New Zealand’s great entrepreneurial investment opportunities.  The emphasis, however, will continue to be on supporting women entrepreneurs.

ArcAngels are keen to build their membership and so encourage you to get in touch, particularly if you are interested in attending the May 25 Investment Evening at [email protected].

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