$3m investment for NZ Startups

Lightning Lab Demo Day 2014 generated $3 million in offers of seed investment capital.

It is the largest early stage investment pitch event in New Zealand.

Founders from nine startups, mostly online platforms and tools for both businesses and consumers, took the stage on May 2 , 2014.

The room was full of more than 100 registered investors amid supporters, sponsors, family and friends.

Offers totalling $3 million of investment have been made, including that from NZ Venture Investment Fund’s Seed Co-Investment Fund (SCIF).

Angel investors were joined by institutional investors and larger funds, showing a growing enthusiasm from the early stage investment community for the prospects put forward by the Lightning Lab.

Stefan Korn, CEO, Creative HQ: “This year we saw more teams earning revenue by Demo Day, and a greater sense of commercial acumen and business leadership on the teams – a big win for the programme as we look to expand beyond Wellington in 2015.”

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AVID “Jarden”

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