What we do and how we work

Developing and executing a national industry strategy

What we do and How we work

Developing a national industry strategy

We work with early stage investment industry participants to develop a plan of action designed to increase the quantity, quality and success of angel investment and in doing so create a greater pool of capital for our innovative startup companies.

Those we work with include:

We do this by:

  • hosting two meetings a year with all our members and partners; one in February and one at our annual summit in early November,
  • engaging regularly with our members through our newsletters, blogs, professional development events and other industry engagement,
  • understanding and being deeply part of New Zealand’s startup and innovation eco-system actively contributing to thought leadership and government policy,
  • sourcing, co-ordinating and hosting international industry experts to provide global best practice advice and intel to the national industry participants

Working with government to create the conditions for industry success

We work with Government to develop the world’s best environment for angel investors and entrepreneurs.

We do this by:

  • Being the voice for New Zealand’s early stage investors by channeling their needs and concerns to government through regular meetings with ministers and officials, making public policy submissions and promoting those policies which are beneficial to our members through face to face engagement, blogs and social media

To read submissions we have made to government go to our resources section here

Supporting domestic and international deal making to deliver business outcomes

We do this by:

  • Contributing to the organization of showcase investment events promoting angel backed deals to local and international investors,
  • Maintaining a data base of international angels, corporate acquirers and investment bankers
  • Facilitating in-market travel for investor directors providing connections and token financial support
  • Providing scholarships for lead investors to attend relevant international events
  • Hosting in-market events with international angel colleagues, growth capital providers and investment bankers

Encouraging collaboration between members

We actively encourage industry collaboration, particularly the syndication of angel backed ventures between members.

We do this by:

  • Convening monthly meetings of our member’s representatives to discuss deal flow
  • Facilitating and promoting the use of a common software platform, Venture360
  • Providing and supporting professional development road shows and course ware which draws on the expertise of our community
  • Holding an annual industry summit
  • Hosting ‘executive dinners’ with lead investors, senior government officials and professional service provider

Facilitating professional development

We draw on the expertise and experience of our members and wider community to share knowledge about the ‘art and science’ required at all stages of investment from deal sourcing, through to due diligence and driving for liquidity success.

We do this by:

  • working with investor directors to facilitate interactions and deal making to create business outcomes.
  • creating content and coordinating the delivery of professional development workshops including Angel Investment 101, Early Stage Governance, Capital Strategy and Portfolio Management. Find the next AANZ supported workshops here
  • commissioning reports and case studies from investors who have experience to share from international industry events, successful and unsuccessful exits
  • sourcing and hosting international industry expert visits to New Zealand to provide best practice advice and insights to our members

Ensuring more collaborative and capable investors lead exits and liquidity events

Critical to the mission of AANZ is supporting New Zealand’s most active angels who frequently step up to be investor directors – these people have been investing into startups for years, tend to hold several director seats and are involved in strategy setting, ensuring execution and steering a path to the creation of exponential value in the ventures they’ve backed.

In 2018, AANZ created the Flight programme – an initiative for investor directors of angel-backed companies to enable them to drive business outcomes for their portfolio ventures. The outcomes we are seeking from this initiative is more international growth, export revenue, jobs and increased overseas capital being injected into New Zealand angel-backed companies.

The Flight programme is focused on strengthening investor director leadership capability through shared knowledge. We work closely with motivated performers to support them to close deals – not just follow on capital, but securing key hires such as an offshore investor director or CFO, securing strategic alliances, sales channels, building high performing teams and ultimately trade sales and IPOs.

The Flight programme offers investor directors opportunities such as:

  • Strategy workshops with relevant experts and colleagues focused on their ventures
  • Facilitated trips with small groups to promote their ventures and deals
  • Facilitation of access to targeted international connections to secure growth capital, recruit executive and board leadership
  • Financial support to travel overseas to attend international events, close deals, sign up key customers and strategic partners or negotiate M&A commitments
  • Hosting unconferences throughout the year to build a stronger peer-to-peer networks

Asset class attraction and telling the New Zealand investment story

One of our key roles in championing early stage investment is to promote investment in early stage, high growth ventures. We need more angel investment and investors and more engagement and involvement on the part of New Zealand corporates, wealth providers and financial institutions.

We do this by:

  • measuring industry performance by collecting and analysing data from our members and the investors they represent,
  • facilitating New Zealand’s participation in the Global Startup Genome survey
  • providing content for a bi-annual publication of early stage investment performance and activity
  • promoting early stage investment, nationally and internationally through this website, social and traditional media and other early stage investment industry participant channels
  • meeting with representatives of New Zealand corporates, iwi, wealth providers and financial institutions

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