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Here is some fascinating insight on the activity levels of Australian venture investors who also lament their struggle to get robust data.

A new set of data from venture capital firm Artesian has revealed the most active VCs in the Australian startup scene, both by the number of investments and by the amount invested.

The data was collated by Artesian’s data analytics arm Decoded, with partner Jeremy Colless telling StartupSmart the figures were sourced from Decoded’s personal data, along with public announcements and press releases.

Publishing the data itself is also a way of gathering fresh figures “because as soon as we publish it everyone rings us and complains it’s wrong” Colless laughs.

“We then tell them to send us updated data so we can fix up the numbers,” he says.

Colless says the need for Artesian to do that is an indictment on the “terrible” state of data availability for Australian startups, though he notes his figures aren’t guaranteed to be correct due to some firms keeping their investment figures close to their chests.

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