Early-stage board governance

Improve your chance of success with AANZ’s governance course!

A board is a valuable asset to any company. In the development of early stage, high growth ventures the board is critical.

On Monday 30 March, 9.30am to 4.30pm the AANZ are running the second iteration of a course we are building to build governance capability.

There will be a charge of $350+gst per person to attend the course. This compares to the usual IoD course charges of around $800 for full day courses!

The board is one of the most useful mechanisms through which angels can help founders navigate risks. Particularly those inherent in a period of extreme uncertainty where the customers, business model (and more) are being validated.

At an earlier iteration of the workshop Marcel van den Assum explained, “boards in angel backed companies are navigating the ledge… constantly! So its about bringing some discipline to how the company grows without moving away from where the excitement is.” Drawing on his experience in growing and selling Greenbutton he went on to say “during the early stages when the activities of the business are about discovery not execution a level of intellectual engagement and willingness to use your own resources and networks is necessary.

“It’s all about managing risk, which includes finding mentoring for special elements of the business and so much more…it’s complex! But it is extremely rewarding when an early-stage board is operating effectively” he concludes.

Recognising angel investors have an important part to play on these boards and that they should be willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved with the executive team, the AANZ will work with the Institute of Directors to develop a specific early-stage board directors’ course.

Designed to up-skill angels and assist our investee companies to grow faster, stronger and more successfully the course includes information on how to;

  • give founders the confidence to move forward
  • manage the “softer side” of a high growth company, including making sure that the founders don’t burn out
  • introduce the company to sales channels and resources.
    manage the cadence and speed of business development.
    devise frameworks for making tough calls with imprecise information
  • define leading indicators; and,
  • govern according to the requisite legal structures

If you would like to take part (and in turn contribute to its development) the AANZ has some capacity to support angels who need to travel to Auckland. Email [email protected] for more information.

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