How Are We Doing? Early-stage Investment Portfolio’s revealed

Facilitated by special international guest Tom McKaskill, this session of the Angel Association Summit 14 will deliver a glimpse of the portfolio’s of some of NZ’s most significant Funds and Networks. Each presenter will speak for 5 minutes and give delegates and exclusive inside view of their portfolio.

This level of intel is not available publicly and will see delegates to the Summit walk away with a significant increase in their understanding of portfolio management and the role of a strategic approach to building a portfolio. Each presenter will detail the number of deals in each portfolio, how these deals were sourced and over what period, then touch briefly on the approach taken to deal acquisition and success. And finally, in general terms, address how their returns are tracking.

There will also be an opportunity for delegates to ask questions and in the ensuing discussion Tom will explore questions such as:

  • Has the approach to deal acquisition and management changed over the years?
  • What are the significant lessons learned from the deals that work and the deals that don’t?
  • What methods are used for tracking portfolio performance? And
  • How to extract yourself from deals that are not performing

With this level of information the Angel Association of New Zealand is aiming to empower delegates with the ability to make comparisons with their own portfolios and improve their awareness on how to measure portfolio performance, and increase their returns.

To get access to this session, the discussion and meet the presenters Angel Investors need to register to attend the Summit.

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