Grow your wings!

If you are a successful, exited entrepreneur who is looking to re-invest some of your returns and share your knowledge and skills with new entrepreneurs who are starting up, commercialising new ideas then Angel Association Summit 2014 is for you. #AngelSummit14:

• Meet members of Angel Groups and funds from all over New Zealand
Get to know those that run the private funds, investment groups. Learn how they work and what they are interested in.

• Get connected with the activity in the entrepreneurial eco-system
See evidence of the deal-flow. Meet people behind some of New Zealand’s most exciting and promising startups.

• Build your capacity
Gain relationships with a range successful people, understand how deals come together and strategic partnerships add the most value.

• Build your capability
Acquire contacts with a wealth of experience and knowledge who build substantial enterprises across multiple industries and markets.

• Learn about risk-mitigating government co-investment tools
Know what’s available to seed and early-stage investors.

Come to the Angel Association Summit which has been called:

“One of the TOP angel summits in the WORLD,”
– Bill Payne, US Angel Capital Association Hans Severiens Award Winner

Find out more about the Angel Association Summit 14.

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Lead Partners

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AVID “Jarden” Baldwins Beca

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