Guest post: John Huston, Keynote Speaker, AANZSummit#14

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“Having previously visited your gorgeous country I’m excited about returning, but this trip will be even more fun because instead of being a tourist I’ll be getting to interact with your innovation community and business angels.

I very much look forward to comparing and contrasting your angel investing strategies and tactics with ours.

Over the last 15 years that I’ve been investing in early stage ventures, I’ve been quite fortunate to have interacted with many angels and angel groups outside the U.S.

I’m always interested first in learning about the various types of governmental programs aimed at fostering the country’s entrepreneurial spirit. Then I like to understand how the angels’ optimize the impact of these programs. And, naturally, I like to compare notes on what is working in each locale to build entrepreneurial wealth.

It seems that in every country I leave with a few more “best practices” to add to my inventory and I’m confident that will be one of the pleasing outcomes of my visit.

I’m less confident I can provide much wisdom to reciprocate, but I can share some of the approaches we’ve tried that have not worked. Candidly, I think the 340 members of my angel group feel that sometimes knowing what to avoid doing has more value than thinking there is one silver bullet in this angel investing realm. We do think there is some silver buckshot, however, and I can’t wait trade buckshot stories with your angels.”

John Huston, Ohio TechAngel Funds

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