Silicon Valley / Silicon Dragon – Complimenting or Competing #ABAF15NZ

#ABAF15NZ: Silicon Valley / Silicon Dragon – Complimenting or Competing

What influence or roles does “the valley” play in approaches to scaling, building markets and creating value in Asia for liquidity success? How do we best access capital connections and customers across the two? Is that even possible for early-stage ventures?

Key note : #Jayesh Parekh (Jungle Ventures, Singapore)

Two promising New Zealand entrepreneurs discuss international scaling from the founders perspective.

# Jo Mills (Fuel50, NZ)

# Jonny Hendrikson (Shuttlerock, NZ)

DEBATE: “Silicon Valley can’t teach us much about scaling angel backed ventures in Asia”

Moderator : # Raiyo Nariman (Malaysia)

Affirmative :

# Marcia Dawood (Golden Seeds, USA)

# Eric Wikramanayake (Lankan Angels, Sri Lanka)

# Lee Bagshaw (Simmonds Steward, NZ)

Negative :

# Jamie Rhodes (Central Texas Angel Network, USA)

# Lucy Lu (Life Science Angels, USA)

# Jordan Green (Australian Association of Angel Investors)

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