Strong early-stage board’s are a must

I am looking forward to my fireside chat with Dr Tom Mackaskill and digging into the details of board stewardship for success at this years Angel Association Summit in October. So much of what we do as Angel Investors is about the people and strategy, it’s important to know what conversations should take place and with whom in the companies we invest in.

Tom is a good overseas friend of the Angel Association of New Zealand, a global serial entrepreneur, educator, author and successful angel investor. An authority on how entrepreneurs start, develop and harvest their ventures, Tom has become one of the world’s experts on exit strategies for high growth enterprises.

Our session on the first day of the Summit will begin with a 20-minute presentation from Tom on the importance of alignment between the board and the founder in particular. Drawing on his experience with multiple start-ups in the UK and USA, raising venture capital twice, undertaking two acquisitions and strategic trade sales of three businesses, Tom will also share the benefits of getting aligned with other shareholders and employees to give ventures the best chance for liquidity success. Then together we’ll dig into some detail around the complexities of young company governance in a ‘fire-side’ chat.

We will explore the most important things for founders to be aware of, and share some lessons learned where things have gone horribly wrong. The difference between a financial exit and a strategic exit is a critical distinction we aim to clarify, along with highlighting the importance of maintaining an inventory of strategic exits and capability.

We also aim to cover off how the deal documentation can best reflect alignment and international trends NZ angels should be aware of when putting together boards and getting alignment.

My goal is that you will have a clear understanding of the key components of aligning for liquidity success and how to operationalise these by the end of the session. You’ll have a checklist to take away with you to use in the future.

The Angel Asociation Summit #14 is just one, but an important part of the work the Angel Association does to improve the quality of early-stage investments and capability of investors in NZ. It is a great event, which over its seven year history has grown to become one of the leading Angel events in the world. This year our AngelSummit#14 is being held at the beautiful Orakei Bay venue in Auckland which has a limited capacity so registering now is a good idea. It’s a once a year opportunity to get this kind of insight first hand.

I look forward to meeting you there.

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