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Connecting entrepreneurs and investors who love startups and providing events and resources for funding-raising.

Angel Association NZ is the national organisation for those actively involved in early stage venture capital.

Who is the Angel Association NZ for?

Whether you’re an experienced or budding angel investor looking for the next break-through start up, or an entrepreneur seeking funding for your next venture, the Angel Association NZ can connect you with the right people.

Our nation-wide network of members include high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, and other startup investment supporters who believe in the power of startups to change the world.

Latest news

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Mar 18
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Guiding you through the investment of early stage capital and helping to create the best place in the world to invest in startups.

We offer a range of opportunities to get together and learn to help investors and entrepreneurs connect and build mutually beneficial investment relationships.

When you belong to or are an employee of one of our members you will have access to a network of like-minded individuals who can provide you with valuable advice, guidance, and support throughout the investment process. We also work with the government and others to raise the profile of early stage venture investment and create the most supportive environment for startup founders and investors.

Events and resources for angel investors

Our organisation provides a range of resources and tools to help you find the right investment opportunity or investment partner. We offer regular networking events, and educational sessions to help investors and entrepreneurs connect, learn what’s required to create outsized impact and value, and stay informed about the latest trends in the industry.

In addition, our website features a searchable database of members, enabling you to find pitch nights and  to connect with investors who share your interests and goals. Our team is also available to offer personalised assistance and advice to help you navigate the investment process successfully.

Find your nearest angel network

If you’re looking to join a local Angel network or club, we have a comprehensive directory of organisations in New Zealand, making it easy for you to find a group that suits your location or specialist area of investment.

Our Partners and Sponsors

AANZ is eternally grateful to our wonderfully supportive sponsors who we refer to as our lead and expert partners.

Latest news

Become part of New Zealand’s premier network of startup investors. We are here to help your investment shape the future of New Zealand business.

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