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Award Recipients

No one achieves success on their own. These awards recognise those in our community who show us what mutual support can achieve.

In 2017, to recognise the 10th Angel Summit, we launched two new awards:

The Puawaitanga Award for an outstanding angel backed venture. This award is for the lead investor AND founder best exemplifying what an investor director and founder can achieve by working together. It is in effect a celebration and recognition of what a really A+ angel backed venture looks like. It will be awarded to a venture on target for world class success which has excellent governance, a compelling business and a clear capital and exit strategy.

Kotahitanga Award for outstanding contribution to the industry. This award recognises those in the angel space who have worked tirelessly to support the industry, who have selflessly given personal time and energy for a sustained period, who have contributed to the professionalism, profile and reputation of angel investment in New Zealand and had a marked impact on the creation of a vibrant New Zealand angel community.


Julian So

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Ken Erskine & Arash Tayebi

Kara Technologies | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Prue Halstead

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Richard Coon & Matty Blomfeld

Hectre | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Maxine Simmons

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Janine Manning & Kerry McIntosh

Fuel 50 | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Bruno Bordignon

Kotahitanga Award Winner

James Sampson & Garth Hinton

FileInvite | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Suse Reynolds

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Tim Allen & Katherine Sandford

UBCO | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Greg Sitters

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Angie Judge & Dana McKenzie

Dexibit | Puawaitanga Award Winner


Dean Tilyard

Kotahitanga Award Winner

Fady Mishriki & Dave Beard

PowerbyProxi | Puawaitanga Award Winner

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