Raising $1 million is an achievement for any company. But Tauranga-based visitor management software company SwipedOn has even greater ambitions.

It’s a problem many of us can relate to: you work in an office or own a business, and you have people coming and going who need to sign in for health and safety reasons. Or, you are a visitor. And you don’t have a pen. First World problems maybe, but talk about an inconvenience – not to mention a potential safety issue if building managers don’t know who is in their building and something happens.

Of course, electronic sign-ins are kind of a thing now – as anyone who has visited an office lately can probably attest. But did you know one of the biggest players in this industry happens to be a Tauranga-based company? And that their sign-in application has been used by more than five million people around the world? And that they’ve just raised a million dollars?

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