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Wellbeing – sign up to the Abroad programme!

Our impactful, super popular founder and investor well-being programme kicks off 4 August. This matters…the well being of the key players in our ecosystem matters … it matters so much!

We want Aotearoa to become world famous for being a startup hub where founders and their teams create the incredible outsized value expected of startups WITHOUT blowing their lights out.

We have had some super useful conversations recently about just what we should be telling prospective founders (and ourselves!!) about what scaling a startup takes.

The nub of it is that it’s mind blowingly hard work… long hours, riven with incredibly tummy churning moments, fear, doubt and anxiety… and 85% of the time, especially for founder CEOs, having to put on the optimistic “we got this” face.

We need to own and out the reality more!!

AND and and … so much AND … we need to create a bunch more support and provide a raft more tools and opportunities to help founders, their teams (and by ‘teams’ I mean especially, and including, their investors) to understand how to scale value massively, work really really hard, manage fear and anxiety AND stay well.

So we are running the Abroad Wellbeing programme again this year. About 40 people took part last year (30 founders and a dozen or so investors) … it was soo soooo good … !!!

You can find out more and sign up for the 5 month, once a week 75 minute sessions here. It costs $500.

If you are a founder, please recommend it to your investors and gently suggest they could support you to attend!! If you are an active investor and on startup boards, you should sign up. And please consider funding a couple of the founders you have backed to attend.

We need to start ‘walking the talk’ much much more … this is that !!!